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Here at AH-UN® we pride ourselves on serving only the best Wagyu from Japan and Europe.

YakiNiku means “Grilled” Yaki, “Meat” Niku. Nowadays the word yakiniku is used to refer not only to the ingredients and sauce but also to the cooking style.

The meat we serve is none other than Wagyu, the worldwide known top quality Japanese bred beef, but Wagyu is just one of the delicacies you can enjoy.

At your table you will find your own Shinpo® Grill from Japan to grill your selection of Wagyu to perfection.

The meat is grilled piece by piece, be sure to enjoy the experience of grilling them. You have just started a ritual in which you will be enchanted by the Japanese atmosphere and tradition.

Before tasting the grilled Wagyu, you can dress it with our various sauces.

Now you know what YakiNiku means. Get ready to start YakiNiku!!

Hospitality Team,